There are three main ways of arriving in Hanover: by plane, by train or by bus. If you plan to arrive by car, you are recommended to purchase a detailed map of Germany / Hanover. A detailed online-map can be found here.



Hanover Airport has three levels, where you can get a coffee or a snack 24 hours a day.

You can reach Hanover by taxi or suburban railway. There are taxi stands at ground level open day and night. A taxi ride to the city costs about 20-25€. The suburban railway is much cheaper and can be found at the station on the underground level. The line S5 takes about 20 minutes to reach the city centre/main station. Tickets are available from the automatic machines on the platform. To get to the city centre, please choose a two zone ticket. The trams run every half hour, except between 0 and 5 a.m.

The IRI can be reached easily from the city centre.


Main train station

Hanover Main Station is situated directly in the centre of the city. At the service centre of the Deutsche Bahn located at the main hall, you can get information concerning train travel, schedules of regional and long-distance trains as well as further details about the city and its hotels around the clock. 

In order to get to the IRI, you have to take a short walk to "Kröpke" underground station, just behind the Ernst-August-Platz. Here you will find the metro lines 4 and 5 in the direction of Garbsen/Stöcken. Please purchase a short range ticket in order to get to the station "Königsworther Platz" and upon arrival, you will see the large University building.


Main bus station

The main bus station (Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof = ZOB) is located directly at the north-west exit of the main station (direction of Raschplatz).


Living Costs

The average living costs in Hanover are:

rent etc. 282,00 €
learning material 36,00 €
food 148,00 €
clothing 36,00 €
health (health insurance, medicine and consultations) 58,00 €
telephone, internet etc. 48,00 €
other costs 81,00 €
total 783,00 €

Study Costs

At present, there is no tuition fee levied to study in Hanover (as of Summer semester 2015).

A general administrative enrollment fee (currently around 380 Euros) is charged. These enrolment charges include a travel card for Hanover's public transport network (as of Summer semester 2015). Further details relating to fees and payment conditions can be found in the programme's fee regulations.