Your lecturers

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó

Prof. Forgó is the director of the Institute for Legal Informatics (together with Prof. Metzger) and professor at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Additionally, he is a member of the L3S research center for basic and applied research in the field of Web Science.

Prof. Forgó teaches the modules "Seminar Contemporary Problems in IT/IP Law and European Regulation", "Krisenphänomen Rechtstheorie?" and "Comparative Legal Aspects in the Information Society, including Competition Law".

Prof. Dr. Christian Heinze, LL.M. (Cambridge)


Prof. Heinze teaches the modules "Seminar Contemporary Problems in IT/IP Law" and "Copyright Law".



Prof. em. Dr. Wolfgang Kilian

Prof. Kilian is the founder of the Institute for Legal Informatics and was it's director from 1978 to 2007. He is also president of the Federation of International Research Institutes on Law and Information Technology in Europe (FIRILITE). For his achievements, he was awarded a honorary doctor's degree by the University of Wroclaw.

Prof. Kilian teaches the module Introduction into Legal Informatics and Data Protection Law.


RA Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Büchner

Prof. Büchner is a partner in the Munich office of the international law firm Jones Day and certified specialist attorney for information technology law. He focuses on transactions in the technology and media sector including IT outsourcing and the exploitation of sports rights.

Prof. Büchner teaches the module Recht der Kommunikationsnetze und -dienste, insbesondere das Recht der Telekommunikation.


RA Prof. Dr. Benno Heussen

Prof. Heussen has worked in the area of IT law for more than 15 years, establishing a nationwide reputation. He is also co-editor of the "Computerrechtshandbuch", a standard reference in this area.

Prof. Heussen teaches the module Vertragsdesign, Vertragsverhandlungen, Vertragsrecht im Bereich der Informationstechnologie.


RA Dr. Kai Cornelius, LL.M.

RA Dr. Kai Cornelius is an academic assistant at the University of Heidelberg. He also works as a lawyer with a focus on IT-/Economic law, criminal law with focus on IT, employment law, telecommunication law, data protection and IT contracts.

RA Dr. Cornelius teaches the module Computerstrafrecht.


Dr. rer. nat. Claus-Peter Rückemann

Dr. Rückemann works in the division for high performance computing and academical applications maintenance which is in charge of Leibniz University's high performance computer at the RRZN.

Dr. Rückemann teaches the module Fundamental Aspects of Information Science, Security and Computing.


RA Dr. Peter-Wilhelm Schäfer

RA Dr. Schäfer works at BDI - Federation of German Industry. His main fields on specialism are on European and international public procurement law, eBusiness/eProcurement, economical questions and representation in European and international working parties.

RA Dr. Schäfer teaches the module Recht des elektronischen Geschäftsverkehrs in Recht und Verwaltung, inklusive Vergaberecht im Bereich der Informationstechnologien.


RA Michael Schmittmann

RA Schmittmann is a partner at Heuking Kühne Lüer Wojtek Rechtsanwälte in Düsseldorf. His main field of expertise is in media law and financing, including sports and entertainment, IT, telecommunincations, antitrust law, european law (with focus on internal market), sales right and IT contracts.

RA Schmittmann teaches the module Media Law.


RA Dr. Maximilian Schunke LL.M.

RA Dr. Schunke is a lawyer working at Göhmann Lawyers in Hannover. Additionally, he works as an official interpreter for English, French and Italian languages. He also holds an attorney's practising certificate for Sweden.

RA Dr. Schunke teaches the module IT Prozess- und Verfahrensrecht.


RA Dr. Malte Grützmacher, LL.M. (London)

RA Dr. Grützmacher works as a lawyer at CMS Hasche Sigle and is a specialist in IT law. Additionally, he works as a lecturer for the German lawyer's academy in the area of IT law.

RA Dr. Grützmacher teaches the module it contracts.



Dr. Marc Stauch

Dr. Marc Stauch is a research fellow at the Institute of Legal Informatics. He previously worked as a law lecturer in the UK, specialising in medical law and the law of torts.

Dr. Stauch teaches the module Academic Writing.



RA Markus Mette

RA Markus Mette is a partner at White & Case LLP in Hamburg. He works mainly in IT and IP law with a focus on trademark law, competition law, copyright law and internet law where he has extensive knowledge and experience.

RA Mette teaches the module IT-rechtliche Bezüge zum Marken- und Patentrecht (markenrechtliche Bezüge).


Frederick S. Frei

Fred Frei is a senior partner with Andrews Kurth LLP based in Washington D.C. He is an experienced IP litigator and specializes in patent litigation. He also was the lead patent trial counsel for the pioneer patent covering all modern-day optical discs (e.g., CDs and CD-ROMS); this patent ultimately had 140 licensees, including the largest electronics and music companies in the world.

Fred teaches the module US IT/IP Law.

Marcelo Corrales, LL.B., LL.M.

Marcelo Corrales teaches the module about Intellectual Property and Private International Law. He is an attorney at law and holds a LL.B. (the J.D. equivalent) in Law from the Catholic University of Asuncion in Paraguay, an LL.M. in International Economic and Business Law from Kyushu University in Japan, an LL.M. in Law and Information Technology and an LL.M. in European Intellectual Property Law both from the University of Stockholm in Sweden.