Educational main focus

During each semester, more than ten diverse courses (each two hours per week) are offered to the students of the LL.M Programme in IT-Law and IP-Law, conveying knowledge concerning all important areas of IT-Law. Lecturers from the Faculty of Law are joined by tutors from law firms and the commerce sector. This allows a scientific as well as practice-related education. By means of close contact with law chambers and enterprises, the courses can be continually adapted to current developments and problems.

Besides this relation to practice, the conveying of technical foundations within the field of information technology constitutes another important component of the course programme. A lot of legal questions can only be answered by students who have a strong basic technical knowledge. This knowledge is also conveyed within the framework of EULISP.

The content of the course is as follows:

  • IT and information law
  • Telecommunications and media law
  • Data protection law
  • Immaterial goods law (related to information technology)
  • Electronic transactions law
  • Software contract law
  • E-Commerce law
  • Electronic signature law
  • European foundations of IT law
  • Computer criminal law